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Virginia Commonwealth Veteran's Benefits

Virginia Map

The commonwealth of Virginia provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

Virginia Veteran Housing Benefits 

Virginia Veterans Care Centers
The commonwealth of Virginia runs two long term care centers: the Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center in Richmond, and the Virginia Veterans Care Center in Roanoke. Honorably discharged veterans who are residents of Virginia are eligible for admission.

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Virginia Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Tax
Up to $15,000 of military basic pay received during the taxable year may be exempted from Virginia income tax. For every $1.00 of income over $15,000, the maximum subtraction is reduced by $1.00. For example, if your basic pay is $16,000, you are entitled to deduct only $14,000. You are not eligible for the subtraction if your military basic pay is $30,000 or more. Military personnel must serve on active duty for 90 days or more and can be stationed inside or outside of Virginia.

For VA National Guard, up to 39 calendar days of service or $3,00 (whichever is less) may be deducted from your income when filing. This deduction is only available for O-3 and below.

Real Estate Tax Exemption
Veterans rated by the VA as having a 100%, permanent and total, service-connected disability or who have a service-connected individual unemployable disability rating are exempt from paying real estate taxes on their primary residence.  The exemption is based on the veteran’s disability rating rather than the level of compensation.  The exemption includes property held jointly by a husband and wife, and applies to the residence and up to one acre of land.

The surviving spouse of an eligible veteran may also receive the real estate tax exemption if the veteran died on or after January 1, 2011.

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Virginia Veteran Employment Benefits

Virginia Transition Assistance Programs
Recognizing that transition from military service is not complete on the date of your discharge, the Virginia Transition Assistance Program (VTAP) is designed to provide transition resources and assistance to veterans who now call Virginia home. VTAP assists transitioning veterans connect with employment, education, entrepreneurial, and supportive services, and helps educate participating veterans and veteran services providers on available resources and opportunities.

State Employment
If an agency uses a scored test by which to evaluate applicants, veterans must receive a credit of an additional 5% of his or her score or, if the applicant is a veteran having a service-connected disability rating fixed by the VA, he or she must receive a credit of an additional 10% of his or her score. 

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Education Assistance Benefits

Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program
The Military Survivors and Dependents Program (VMSDEP) provides educations benefits to spouses and children of military service members killed, missing in action, taken prisoner, or who became at least 90 percent disabled as a result of military service in an armed conflict. Military service includes service in the United States Armed Forces, United States Armed Forces Reserves, the Virginia National Guard, or the Virginia National Guard Reserves. Armed conflict includes military operations against terrorism or as the result of a terrorist act, a peace-keeping mission, or any armed conflict after December 6, 1941. This program may pay for tuition of fee at any state-supported college or university in Virginia. Benefits are available for up to 36 months.

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Virginia Veterans Recreation Benefits

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans
The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries offers a free lifetime hunting and fishing license, and a discounted saltwater license for Virginia resident veterans who are totally and permanently service-connected disabled. They also offer annual discounted hunting and freshwater fishing licenses to 70% and greater service-connected disabled veterans as well as a discounted hunting, fishing, and saltwater license for non-resident permanently disabled veterans.

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Other Virginia Commonwealth Veteran Benefits

Virginia State Veterans Cemeteries
The Commonwealth of Virginia operates three veterans cemeteries located in Amelia, Dublin, and Suffolk. Honorably discharged veterans may be buried at no cost, there is a $300 cost for their eligible family members.

Visit the Virginia Department of Veterans Services website for more information on any of these programs.

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