New York State Veteran's Benefits

The state of New York provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

New York Veteran Housing Programs

State Veterans Home
A 242 bed veterans home is operated by the State Department of Health at Oxford, Chenango County, for veterans, spouses and certain parents. The Department of Health also operates a 250-bed facility at St. Albans, Queens, a 126-bed facility adjacent to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Batavia, Genesee County and a 250-bed facility in Montrose, Westchester County. A 350-bed Veterans Home is located on the campus of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Long Island, and is operated by the university's Health Sciences Center. Health related care and skilled nursing services are available at all facilities.  Admission preference is based on severity of illness or disability and need for care.

New York State Homes For Veterans Program
Homes for Veterans Program offers fixed-rate mortgages with interest rates 0.5% below the already low interest rates charged on SONYMA mortgages with closing cost assistance.

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New York Financial Assistance Benefits

Property Tax Exemptions
Partial exemption from real property taxes is based on condition of service, with additional benefits based upon degree of service-connected disability. Applications must be filed before Taxable Status Day. Qualifying widow(er)s may file for benefit based on their spouse's service. Exemption applies to local and county property taxes.

  • The Alternative Veterans’ Exemption is available only on residential property of a Veteran who has served during a designated time of war or received an expeditionary medal.
  • The Cold War Veterans’ Exemption is available only on residential property of a Veteran who served during the Cold War period.
  • The Eligible Funds Exemption applies to property that a Veteran or certain other designated person purchases. Such owners must purchase the property with pension, bonus, or insurance monies

Supplemental Burial Allowance
A supplemental burial allowance of up to $6,000 is authorized for certain military personnel killed in combat or while on active duty in hostile or imminent danger locations on or after September 29, 2003.

New York State Blind Annuity
A New York State Blind Annuity is available to visually impaired wartime veterans and certain unremarried spouses.

New York State Gold Star Annuity
Gold Star Parent Annuity authorizes an annuity payment of up to $500 per Gold Star parent of a deceased veteran.

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New York Employment Benefits

Disabled Veterans Civil Service Preference
Ten additional credits are granted on civil service examinations to qualified disabled veterans.

Civil Service Credit Preference
Ten-point additional credit preference toward original appointment for disabled wartime veterans; five-points for wartime service; and two and a half points for competitive promotional exams.  Job retention rights applicable to veterans and spouses of totally disabled veterans.

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New York Education Benefits

Veterans Tuition Awards

Veterans Tuition Awards (VTA) are awards for full-time and part-time study for eligible veterans matriculated at an undergraduate or graduate degree-granting institution or in an approved vocational training program in New York State.

Eligible Veterans

Eligible students are those who are New York State residents discharged under honorable conditions from the U.S. Armed forces and who are:

  • Vietnam Veterans who served in Indochina between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975.
  • Persian Gulf Veterans who served in the Persian Gulf on or after August 2, 1990.
  • Afghanistan Veterans who served in Afghanistan during hostilities on or after September 11, 2001.
  • Veterans of the armed forces of the United States who served in hostilities that occurred after February 28, 1961 as evidenced by receipt of an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Navy Expeditionary Medal or a Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal.

These students must also:

  • Establish eligibility by applying to HESC.
  • Be New York State residents.
  • Be US Citizens or eligible noncitizens.
  • Be matriculated full or part- time at an undergraduate or graduate degree-granting institution in New York State or in an approved vocational training program in New York State.
  • Have applied for the Tuition Assistance Program for full-time undergraduate or graduate study.

New York State Regents Awards (for Children)
Regents Awards for Children of Deceased & Disabled Veterans provide up to $450 per year to students whose parent(s) served in the US Armed Forces during specified times of national emergency.

Military Service Recognition Scholarship
Available to certain dependents of military personnel killed, severely and permanently disabled or missing in combat or a combat zone of operation since August 2, 1990.

Operation Recognition - High School Diplomas
Operation Recognition allows certain veterans to earn high school diplomas if they left school without graduating.

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Other New York State Veteran Benefits

Hunting Licenses & Permits
Veterans with a 40-percent or greater disability rating are eligible for low-cost hunting and fishing licenses, and free use of state parks, historic sites and recreation sites.

Customized Military and Veteran License Plates
Specialty plates for veterans and military members. All vehicles that are registered in NYS as a passenger class vehicle or as a commercial class vehicle are eligible. Certain custom plates are available for Motorcycles also.

Visit the New York Division of Veterans Services website for more information on any of these programs.

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