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Montana State Veteran's Benefits

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The state of Montana provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

Montana Veteran Housing Programs

Location and Function of Homes -- Persons Admitted
The institutions at Columbia Falls and Glendive are the Montana veterans' homes, and their primary function is to provide a home and subsistence for veterans.

The department of public health and human services may also admit spouses or surviving spouses of veterans to the homes if space allows.

Certain Disabled or Deceased Veterans' Residences Exempt
A residence, including the lot on which it is built, that is owned and occupied by a veteran or a veteran's spouse is exempt from property taxation if the veteran:

  • was killed while on active duty or died as a result of a service-connected disability; or
  • if living:
    • was honorably discharged from active service in any branch of the armed services; and
    • is currently rated 100% disabled or is paid at the 100% disabled rate by the U.S. department of veterans affairs for a service-connected disability, as verified by official documentation from the U.S. department of veterans affairs.

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Montana Employment Benefits

Point Preference in Hiring Veterans
Whenever a public employer uses a scored procedure, an applicant for an initial hiring, must have added to the applicant's score the following percentage points of the total possible points that may be granted in the scored procedure:

  • 5 percentage points if the applicant is a veteran; and
  • 10 percentage points if the applicant is a disabled veteran or an eligible relative.

A disabled veteran who receives 10 percentage points may not receive an additional 5 percentage points.

Whenever a public employer uses a selection procedure other than a scored procedure, the public employer shall give preference to a disabled veteran, eligible relative, or veteran, in that order, over any non-preferred applicant holding substantially equal qualifications.

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Montana Education Benefits

Montana Honorably Discharged Veteran Tuition Waiver
The Montana Honorably Discharged Veteran Tuition Waiver eliminates tuition costs charged to a qualifying student, to qualify a veteran must:

  • be honorably discharged
  • used up all their Federal GI Bill benefits
  • be classified as in-state for admissions purposes
  • have served in a war zone (Vietnam, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq) AND received a Campaign or Expeditionary medal

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Other Montana State Veteran Benefits

Special Plates for Military Personnel, Veterans, and Spouses
Active military personnel, veterans, or the surviving spouse of an eligible veteran, if the spouse has not remarried, may be issued special military or veteran license plates.

Vehicle Registration Fee and Veterans' Cemetery Fee Waivers
Eligible persons are exempt from the veterans' cemetery fee for two sets of special veteran license plates and all motor vehicle registration fees for two motor vehicles that are not used for commercial purposes.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Persons with disabilities are entitled to fish and to hunt game birds, not including turkeys, with only a conservation license if they are residents of Montana not residing in an institution and are certified as disabled as prescribed by departmental rule. A person who has purchased a conservation license and a resident fishing license or game bird license for a particular license year and who is subsequently certified as disabled is entitled to a refund for the fishing license or game bird license previously purchased for that license year. A person who is certified as disabled pursuant to subsection (3) and who was issued a permit to hunt from a vehicle for license year 2000 or a subsequent license year is automatically entitled to a permit to hunt from a vehicle for subsequent license years if the criteria for obtaining a permit does not change.

State Veterans' Cemeteries
The State of Montana maintains three Veterans Cemeteries, they are located in Helena, Missoula, and Miles City. Spouses may be buried along with the Veteran.

Visit the Montana Veterans Affairs website for more information on any of these programs.

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