Missouri State Veteran's Benefits

The state of Missouri provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

Missouri Veteran Housing Programs

Missouri Veterans Homes
A current total of seven skilled nursing homes are located throughout Missouri, providing 3 levels of skilled nursing care at minimal cost to the veteran.

Under the management of Missouri Veterans Commission, these homes are located in Cameron, Warrensburg, Mexico, St. Louis, St. James, Cape Girardeau, and Mt. Vernon.

Learn more about Vet Homes at: http://www.mvc.dps.mo.gov/homes/

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Missouri Financial Assistance Benefits

Property Tax Credits
If you or your spouse is a 100% service connected disabled veteran, you may qualify for a Property Tax Credit with the State of Missouri. Veterans and non-veterans may also qualify for this credit if they are over age 65 even if they are not 100% disabled.

Tax Exemption for AO Settle Payments
Agent Orange Settlement Payments made for the Agent Orange Fund to a veteran or his dependents are exempt from state tax.

Vietnam Veterans Survivor Grant Program
Legislation passed in 1991 provides that certain surviving widows and children of Vietnam Veterans may qualify to receive tuition-free scholarships to attend institutions of post-secondary education in Missouri. The veteran's death must be attributable to illness that could possibly be a result of exposure to toxic chemicals such as "Agent Orange" during the Vietnam conflict in order for the survivor to qualify. The maximum annual grant amount is the least of: the actual tuition charged at the school in which you are enrolled full time, or the average amount of tuition charged to a Missouri undergraduate resident enrolled full time in the same class level and in the same academic major at the Missouri public four-year, regional institutions.

Visit the Missouri Veterans Commission website for contact information and benefits assistance.

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Missouri Employment Benefits

Veterans' Preference with State of Missouri Employment
Missouri Veterans receive five-point preference when testing for any position with the state, with a ten point preference for a service-connected disabled veteran. Spouses of eligible veterans can also qualify for Veterans Preference for State testing.

Priority for Qualified Veterans Employment
State agencies which administer federally funded employment and training programs for veterans shall give priority to qualified veterans and other eligible persons.

Visit the Missouri Veterans Commission website for contact information and benefits assistance.

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Other Missouri State Veteran Benefits

Veterans Service Officers
Located in nearly every county of the state, Veterans Service Officers and Assistants are highly trained individuals who provide counselling and assistance in completing and submitting applications for VA and State Veterans Benefits, as well as any necessary follow-up claimwork. These services are provided free of charge to Missouri's veterans and their dependents.

State Veterans Cemeteries
Missouri Veterans Commission currently operates five State Veterans Cemeteries, one each in Springfield, Higginsville, Bloomfield, Ft. Leonard Wood, and Jacksonville.

Visit the Missouri Veterans Commission website for contact information and benefits assistance.

World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War Medals and Medallions
The Veterans Award Program was first established in 2000 with the creation of the World War II Veterans? Award Recognition.

The World War II Veterans? Award Recognition consists of a medal, medallion and certificate. World War II veterans who participated in the D-Day invasion of Europe are also eligible to receive a replica of the Jubilee of Liberty medal.

The Korean War Medallion was added in 2003 and in 2006 the Vietnam War Medallion was added. The Vietnam War award consists of a medal, medallion and Certificate. 

Since the program began, over 41,000 Missouri veterans have been awarded the World War II Veterans? Award Recognition.

In the 2003 legislative session, the Korean War Medallion was added. The Korean War award consists of a medal, medallion, and certificate.

Visit the Missouri Veterans Commission website for contact information and benefits assistance.

Free Automobile License Plates
Veterans who have service-connected disabilities, or in need of adaptive equipment. Disabled Veteran specialty license plates are available to eligible applicants at no fee (limit one set per applicant). To qualify for Disabled Veteran specialty license plates, you must be a Missouri resident who has served in and was honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces. 

In addition, Medal of Honor, Purple Heart recipients, Military Retirees, Former POWs and widows of former POWs qualify for Free Special Automobile License Plates.

Free Fishing & Hunting License
Any honorably discharged resident veteran having a service-related disability of 60% or more, or who was a prisoner of war during military service, may take fish, live bait, clams, mussels, turtles and frogs without permit (except trout permit or daily tag in areas where prescribed), and may take wildlife as provided in Chapter 7 without permit (except deer and turkey hunting permits and the Migratory Bird Hunting Permit as prescribed); provided, while hunting or fishing s/he carries a certified statement of eligibility from the Veterans Administration.

Visit the Missouri Veterans Commission website for contact information and benefits assistance.

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