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    Every state and territory offers benefits for veterans and their families. See our details, updated for 2016!
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    The state of Texas provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.
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Indiana State Veteran's Benefits

Indiana State Map

The state of Indiana provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

Indiana Veteran Housing Programs

The Veterans Home
The Indiana Veterans Home in West Lafayette provides nursing and domiciliary care for any honorably discharged Hoosier Veteran who has resided in Indiana for at least 12 months prior to admission. The Home is open to both veterans and their spouses.

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Indiana Financial Assistance Benefits

Property Tax Abatements
Property tax deductions are available to disabled Hoosier Veterans under the following conditions:

  1. A $24,960 dollar deduction is available to veterans who have at least a 10% disability, wartime service, and an honorable discharge.
  2. A $12, 480 deduction is available to 100% disabled veterans or veterans over 62 years of age that are at least 10% disabled.

It is possible that a veteran could be eligible for one or both the deductions 

Note: This deduction is not available if the assessed value of the real property owned by the veteran is in excess of $143,160.

If an otherwise eligible veteran owns no real property, then a deduction may be made on the excise tax for a vehicle for up to $70.

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Indiana Education Benefits

Free Tuition Program
Indiana offers free tuition at state schools to children of disabled veterans, Purple Heart Recipients and their children, and children of former POW/MIA. The veteran must have:

  • been a resident of Indiana for 36 consecutive months
  • served in a wartime period (including August 2, 1990 - Present) or
  • received a Purple Heart Medal

The benefit includes free tuition and fees for 124 credit hours and is good at:

  • Ball State University
  • Indiana State University
  • IU Bloomington
  • IU East
  • IU Kokomo
  • IU Northwest
  • IU South Bend
  • IU Southeast
  • IUPU Ft. Wayne
  • IUPU Indianapolis
  • IUPU Columbus
  • IVY Tech
  • Purdue University Calumet
  • Purdue University North Central
  • Purdue University West Lafayette
  • University of Southern Indiana
  • Vincennes University
  • WGU Indiana

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Other Indiana State Veteran Benefits

County Veterans Service Officers
Ninety-one counties in the State employ a County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO). These CVSO's are veterans who stand ready to help you with your veteran-related needs. The County Veterans Service Offices have all the forms and other information you may need to obtain service from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Service Officers will assist you in finding the information and resources you need to solve your service-related problems. They are your liaison for all veteran issues.

Golden Hoosier Passport
A Hoosier Golden Passport provides unlimited admission to all Indiana State owned parks, recreation areas, reservoirs, forests, historic sites, museums, memorials and other Department of Natural Resource (DNR) facilities. The pass is good for one calendar year.

Persons eligible for a Disabled American Veteran license plate may purchase the Hoosier Golden Passport at DNR facilities around the State. If you have Disabled American Veteran plates on the vehicle simply drive to the gate and the attendant will sell you the Hoosier Golden Passport. If you do not have the plate but believe you are eligible you will be given a form to request the plate, which you must send to the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs for verification.

Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery
The Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery opened for internments on December 1, 1999. The Cemetery is located adjacent to the Madison State Hospital and Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, Indiana. Any Hoosier veteran eligible to be buried in a national cemetery will be eligible for burial in the Cemetery. The spouse of an eligible veteran will also be eligible to be buried there. For an application for burial contact the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs.

Burial allowances: Each County Auditor is authorized to pay up to an amount not to exceed $100 for the burial of a veteran or the veteran's spouse, and to pay up to $100 for the setting of a federal headstone. Veterans must have received an honorable discharge, and an application must be filed with the county auditor in the county of residence.

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Disabled Veteran Plates: Disabled Veteran plates are the same as handicap plates in the State of Indiana. These are strictly limited to those individuals who have a serious mobility impairment due to a service-connected disability. Applications may be obtained from either the BMV or the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs. The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs must verify the veteran's eligibility.

Military Family Relief Fund
The emergency grants may be used by the families of veterans who received honorable discharges for needs such as food, housing, utilities, medical services, transportation and other essential family support expenses which have become difficult to afford. Grants up to $2,500 may be awarded.

Peddlers, Vendors, or Hawkers License
State law provides that any wartime veteran who has an honorable discharge shall be granted these licenses by all cities and counties free of charge. See your county auditor.

Resident Veteran Hunting and Fishing License
Any Indiana resident who is service-connected disabled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs may purchase a license to hunt and fish in the State of Indiana for a reduced fee.

In order to receive this benefit the veteran must complete the Application for Reduced Fee Hunting and Fishing License for Disabled Veterans available from County Veteran Service Officers, from the Department of Natural Resource offices, or from the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs. The form verifies that the veteran is service-connected disabled and authorizes the reduced fee and is verified by the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs.

Temporary Assistance For needy Families (TANF)
The TANF program offered through IDVA is available to assist military service members and their immediate families to proactively become self sustaining and encourage strong family bonds.

The TANF program objectives are to:

  • Provide assistance for childcare so that low-income families may look for employment, be able to maintain a job or attend classes.
  • Help parents to become self-sustaining by promoting life enrichment training, career preparation and advancement, in addition to sustaining healthy martial relations.
  • Educate individuals in family planning and parenting with the goal to reduce unplanned pregnancies before marriage and to provide valuable parenting skills.
  • Encourage and maintain two-parent families through premarital counseling and marriage retreats.

Visit the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs website for more information on any of these programs.

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