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    Veteran Disability Compensation
    Veterans with a service-related disability may qualify for over $3,300 in monthly benefits.
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    Veteran's Benefits Explained
    You may be eligible for certain benefits based on your military service.
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    2017 Veterans Pension Rates
    If you are a vet with a limited income and no longer able to work, you may qualify for a Veterans Pension.
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    Veteran's Preference Points
    Veterans get hiring preference for federal jobs. Gold star parents or parents of some disabled veterans also get the preference.
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    Specially Adapted Housing FAQs
    Veterans with certain service-connected disabilities may get a grant from VA to build or modify a home to meet adaptive needs.

Presidential Greeting Cards

The White House

Upon request, the President and the First Lady will send special greeting cards recognizing citizens' special days such as: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and retirements.and congratulatory wedding announcements. Requests should be submitted on the Whitehouse website.

Some of the milestones that cards are sent for include:

Baby’s Birth Greeting
Baby greetings are available for babies within a year of the birth date. Please make your request after the baby is born.

Birthday Greeting
Birthday greetings are available for civilians celebrating their 80th (or greater) birthday and veterans celebrating their 70th (or greater) birthday. Please make your request at least 6 weeks in advance of the birthday.

Retirement Greeting
Retirement greetings are available for 20 years of service or longer.

Wedding Greeting
If you would like to receive your wedding greeting before the event, please make your request at least 6 weeks in advance of the date and submit using maiden names.

Wedding Anniversary Greeting
An anniversary card will be sent to couples who are celebrating their 50th (or greater) wedding anniversary. Please make your request at least 6 weeks in advance of the anniversary.

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