U.S. Coast Guard Dress Blue "B" UniformThe Coast Guard traces its roots back to 1790 and the formation of the Revenue Cutter Service. Like the Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard uniform reflects British Naval traditions. Although the Coast Guard dropped the Navy style enlisted uniform years ago, today's Coast Guard variations of dress uniform still carry the nautical traditions. These uniforms include the Dinner Dress Blue, Formal Dress Blue, Dinner Dress White, Full Dress White, and Service Dress White. In recent years the Coast Guard adopted the BDU style uniform as its Coast Guard Working Blue uniform.

Coast Guard Uniform Resources:

  Coast Guard Uniform News and Information
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  Coast Guard (USCG) Uniform Regulations

A complete guide to the Coast Guard uniform policy including medals, awards, grooming standards and associated images and regulations can be found in the Coast Guard Uniform Regulations -- Commandant's Instruction M1020.6F. (pdf)

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