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Military Forms

online form registration

Accessing military and veteran benefits requires filling out the correct military forms. The following index of official military forms from the DoD, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Department of Veterans Affairs will help you access your earned benefits.

One of the most important documents you need is the DoD form known as the DD-214. Nearly every Department of Veterans Affairs benefit claim and most state veterans benefit applications require vets to submit this military form. 

Getting a Replacement DD-214 or Military Service Records
Loss of this all-important form is not the end of the world. Most veterans and their next-of-kin can get free copies of their DD Form 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty - through the eVetRecs website or by mailing or faxing a completed Standard Form SF-180 to the National Archives.

Military Forms

Department of Defense Military Forms

DoD Military Forms Program
Registry of available Department of Defense military forms also includes monthly updates for new and revised forms. You can browse by number of alphabetic title.
U.S. Army Publishing Directorate
The Department of the Army (DA) offers a form search engine, a publications database and downloads in six formats.
Air Force Publications Electronic Forms
The Air Force catalogue is organized by divisions and major commands. All forms are available in XFDL format which requires LutosViewer 3.5.1.

Naval Forms Online
OPNAV, SECNAV and NAVSO military forms can be accessed by navigating to the 'forms' menu. The electronic forms contained within this site are in Portable Document Format (.pdf). requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

Marine Corps Publication Electronic Library
Includes a search of the Marine Corps database for military forms by keyword, SSIC category, service branch, and type. Includes a link to the Naval Forms Online website.

National Guard Bureau Publications & Forms Library
Lists all forms for the National Guard Bureau (NGB), including the Air National Guard (ANG) and Army National Guard (ARNG). Download in PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

Department of Homeland Security Military Forms

Coast Guard Electronic Forms Library
Contains all Coast Guard forms. Requires download in PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

Department of Veterans Affairs - VA Forms

VA Forms Library
Searchable database features all available Department of Veteran's Affairs forms. Download materials in PDF, Microsoft Word templates (DOC) and GIF formats.

VA Home Loan Certitifcation Application 
Request Your Certificate of Eligibility - The Veterans Administration uses the VA Form 26-1880 to determine your eligibility for participation in the VA Home Loan Program. can help you get the process started by providing you with the proper form and helping you complete the paperwork. Once you have submitted your VA Form 26-1880, can help you take the next step -- finding a VA approved lender.

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