Overseas Extension Pay

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The military may offer certain servicemembers an added incentive for extending their overseas tour. Called Overseas Extension Pay, this special incentive comes in three forms.

Entitlement to this Special Pay or Bonus is based on the following conditions and is at the discretion of the the military service branch:   

  • Member has an entitlement to basic pay
  • Member is serving in a duty specialty
  • Member has completed  an overseas tour of duty at a specific location
  • Signing an agreement at the end of the tour of duty to extend for at least one additional year.

Rates Payable
Depending on the needs of the military, members can choose one of the following three forms of Overseas Extension Pay.   

  • Up to $80.00 a monthly special pay. - or -
  • Up to $2000.00 annual bonus payable in lump sum or monthly installments. - or -
  • Up to 15 days of special rest and recuperation (SR&R).

Note: Only one method can be selected, cash or SR&R.

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