Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance


The Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) program provides qualified sailors a supplemental allowance of up to $1,100 per month, depending on income and family size, designed to raise a member's household income to 130% of the federal poverty line. The following is a summary of the FSSA:

FSSA Eligibility

Eligible sailors must recertify annually in February and upon; promotion, accepting Permanent Change of Station orders (PCS), increase in household income of $100 dollars or more, or change in family size.

FSSA Links

For detailed FSSA information and applications see your command FSS coordinator. Visit the DoD FSSP factsheet to view eligibility requirements.

In addition if you are transferring you can bet that your BAH and Cola will probably change. Check out the links below to see how much you will be getting paid at your next unit.

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