Diving Duty Pay

Armed Forces members are entitled to special pay for diving duty for periods during which they are:

  • Assigned by orders to diving duty;
  • Required to maintain proficiency as a diver by frequent and regular dives; and
  • They are either actually performing diving duty while serving in an assignment for which diving is a primary duty; or meeting the requirements to maintain proficiency while serving in an assignment that includes diving duty other than as a primary duty.

Military personnel are entitled to diving duty pay of up to $240 for officers and up to $340 for enlisted per month. In time of war, the President may suspend diving duty pay. The following table shows the current Army Dive Pay payment rates:

Enlisted Dive Pay Rates:  
Student $110
Salvage Diver $175
Diver 1st and 2nd Class $215
Master Diver $340
Officer Dive Pay Rates  
Student $110
Combat Diver $215
Dive Officer ASI 5V $240

Qualifications for Diving Duty


Generally, an Army member must be a rated diver in accordance with AR 611-75 and be assigned to:

  1. A Table of Organization and Equipment or Table of Distribution and Allowance position in Skill Classification/Military Occupational Specialty, Special Qualification Identifier, or Additional Skill Identifier specified in AR 611-75; or
  2. A position designated as diving duty by the Deputy Chief of Staff Personnel. 110202.

Navy and Marine Corps

Members must be designated divers, be assigned to diving duty under competent orders, and maintain their qualifications for diving.

Air Force

Airmen must:

  1. Successfully complete an approved DoD course for underwater swimmers,
  2. Be under orders for diving duty as authorized by the major air command,
  3. Meet the other qualification standards prescribed by current Air Force instructions.
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