Military Retirement Paychecks

Retirees residing in the United States can have their paychecks sent by EFT to a financial institution. Retirement Paychecks are always electronically deposited on the first business day of the month. In addition, International Direct Deposit (IDD) is available to U.S. military retirees and annuitants living in certain overseas locations. The following is a summary of retired payment information:

Account Information for EFT

The routing number and the account number of the financial institution must be provided to DFAS-CL. To initiate a direct deposit of retired pay by EFT, contact your financial institution for an SF 1199A, Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form.

Special Situation Retirees

For the protection of the government, certain safeguards are required for retired paychecks mailed through the international postal system or payable to legal representatives of mentally incompetent members.

Overseas Retirees

U.S. military retirees and annuitants receiving pay and living in eligible locations overseas can have their monthly payments sent directly to their local banks through the Defense Finance and Accounting Services' (DFAS) International Direct Deposit Program.

The first phase of the program began in August 2005 when enrollment packages were mailed to retirees and annuitants living in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France and Germany.

The second phase commenced in February 2006 when enrollment packages were sent to the retirees and annuitants living in the remaining 38 countries.

International Direct Deposit (IDD) will electronically deposit funds into an individual's bank account, normally on the first business day of the month, just like stateside Direct Deposit Enrollees.  Those retirees and annuitants currently receiving their pay by check will avoid problems that include postal delays, misrouted, lost or stolen checks.  Each package will include instructions, an enrollment form and a return envelope to request IDD service.  Completed enrollment forms should be returned using the return envelope provided.

Regarding the enrollment form, DFAS urges each enrollee to make sure the form is accurately completed and signed in order to achieve as early an enrollment as possible.  Incorrect or incomplete enrollment forms will be returned unprocessed for correction, delaying your enrollment.  Typed forms are preferable.

When retired pay checks are delivered to the retired member through the international postal system to foreign countries, the retiree must furnish a report of existence (ROE) semiannually. The retiree does this by filling out a form provided by the Military Service or by letter over the retiree's signature.

The ROE is not required when the retiree's check is mailed to a financial institution in the United States. The endorsement by the financial institution constitutes a certificate of the existence of the retiree.

A competent retiree residing in the United States whose retired pay check is mailed to an address other than a financial institution is not required to submit an ROE.

Retired pay checks mailed to an APO, FPO, or a finance officer or disbursing officer at an overseas address do not require submission of an ROE. Checks are not addressed to a United States Consulate, Embassy, or Military Attache unless the retiree is employed by that particular agency.

Mentally Incompetent Retirees

Comptroller General decisions prohibit forwarding checks directly to retirees who are found mentally incompetent to manage their own affairs. Checks may be drawn payable to a legal guardian, trustee, or other legal representative after receipt of proper documentation of the authority of the guardian, trustee, or other legal representative to receive such payments.

Mailing of Retired Pay Checks

Retired pay checks are mailed at the end of each month, provided a signed ROE, when required, has been received that certifies the retiree's continued existence.


For further information concerning Reports of Eligibility, Certificates of Entitlement, and other requirements, contact:

Defense Finance and Accounting Center
Attn: DE/FRB
6760 E. Irvington Place
Denver, CO 80279-6000

If you change your mailing address, contact:

PO Box 99191
Cleveland OH 44199-1126

For Coast Guard Retirement pay issues contact the PSC (RAS) by e-mail or call (800) 772-8724 (toll free) or (785) 339-3415 -- 0730-1600 M-F (central time)

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