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Concurrent Receipt (CRDP) Pay Computation

Your personal CRDP payment rate is determined by using your current VA Disability Compensation offset, minus the CRDP "Table Rate," the current CRDP "Phase In" percentage and other calculations. This makes it impossible to create a simple CRDP Payment Rate table that applies to everyone. 

However the following four-step computation process can help you predict or verify your CRDP payment rate.

NOTE: The following is an example to help illustrate how the computation works. The VA compensation amounts do not necessarily reflect the current VA payment rates.

Step One -- Determine your Net Retired Pay

Retired Pay - CBO = Net Retired Pay - Take your retired pay rate (either based on disability or years of service) and subtract the Current Baseline Offset. The CBO is the lesser of Retired Pay received or VA Pay. We will use VA Pay for the following example:

Example: $2,226 - $936 = $1,290

Example Net Retired Pay = $1,290

Step Two - Determine your CRDP Offset

CBO -- CRDP Table Rate Amount = Remaining Offset Amount - Find your CRDP pay computation "table rate" based on your VA Disability Rating and subtract that amount from your CBO.

CRDP Table Rates:  
If rated unemployable $750.00
If rated at 100%$750.00
If rated at 90%$500.00
If rated at 80%$350.00
If rated at 70%$250.00
If rated at 60%$125.00
If rated at 50%$100.00

NOTE: We will use a VA rating of 50% for our example computation. According to the table above the CRDP table rating for 50% is $100.

Example: $936 - $100 = $836

Step Three - Determine your CDRP Phase In Amount

Multiply the Remaining Offset x Phase-in Percentage (Based on the 2011 Phase-in) - Find the current year phase in percentage and multiply offset by the current restoration rate (or phase in percentage).

CRDP Phase in percentages:
2008 69.76%
2010 93.95%
2012 99.64%
2014 100.00%

$836 X 98.18% = $820.78

Step Four - Determine your CRDP Entitlement

CRDP Table Rate Amount + Phase-in Amount - Simply add the CRDP Table Rate from step two to the phase-in amount.

Example Total CRDP Entitlement: $100 + $820.78 = $920.78

Remember - Your total CRDP and Retirement entitlement cannot exceed the gross retirement based on your years of service.The maximum CRDP Award is calculated by subtracting your Net Retired Pay from your gross retired pay based on years of service.

Full Example based on 50% disability

Step One:  
Gross Retired Pay:
CBO (VA Disability Compensation)
- $936.00
Net Retirement Pay =
Step Two:  
CRDP table rate (50% rating): 
Remaining Offset =
Step Three  
Remaining Offset
Phase In Percentage (based on current year)
X 98.18%
Step Four  
CRDP Table Rate
+ $100.00
CRDP Entitlement
Total (VA, Retirement, and CRDP)  
VA Disability Compensation Payment
Net Retirement
CRDP Entitlement
+ 920.78
Full Entitlement

NOTE: Your CRDP and Retirement pay can not exceed the your gross retirement pay based on your number of years of service.

Due to the planned phase in of the program, these amounts will increase each year until January of 2014 when you will receive your full retired pay entitlement and your DVA disability compensation with no reduction. Unlike Retired Pay Cost-Of-Living Allowances (COLAs), CRDP increases will be effective on January 1st of each year, payable on the first business day of February. Additionally, since retired gross pay and DVA compensation (and, consequently, VA waiver) amounts increase each year with COLAs, you will not be able to accurately extrapolate CRDP amounts for future years.

Retirees who have a 100% DVA rating (Including those rated 100% Individual Unemployability (IU)) are entitled to an immediate 100% restoration. CRDP amounts will automatically increase or decrease based on the percentage of disability reported to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) by the DVA.

Please note that your monthly CRDP amount cannot exceed the lesser of your monthly gross retired pay or VA waiver amount. If you are a disability retiree whose retired pay is calculated using a percentage of disability rather than your years of service, your CRDP cannot exceed the amount your gross retired pay would currently be had it been calculated at retirement using your years of service.  

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