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Non-Locality Basic Allowance for Housing (Reserve Component/Transient)

Housing finance options and information

Basic Allowance for Housing Reserve Component/Transient (BAH for RC/Transient) is the housing allowance for members in particular circumstances, for example, reservists on active duty less than 30 days. It does not vary by geographic location. BAH RC/Transient is set based on the national average for housing. BAH is published annually and is determined by increasing the previous year's table by the percentage growth of housing costs.

2016 BAH for Reserve Component/Transient and Differential Tables

Grade Partial* Reserve Component and Transient BAH
Without Dependents With Dependents
O-10  $50.70  $1,616.70 $1,988.70
O-9 $50.70  $1,616.70 $1,988.70
O-8  $50.70  $1,616.70 $1,988.70
O-7  $50.70  $1,616.70 $1,988.70
O-6  $39.60  $1,482.30 $1,790.10
O-5  $33.00  $1,427.40 $1,725.90
O-4  $26.70  $1,322.40 $1,521.00 
O-3  $22.20  $1,060.50 $1,258.50
O-2  $17.70  $840.30 $1,074.00
O-1  $13.20  $721.20 $961.20
O3E  $22.20  $1,144.50 $1,353.00
O2E  $17.70  $973.50 $1,220.70
O1E  $13.20  $846.60 $1,128.30 
W-5  $25.20  $1,344.00 $1,469.10
W-4  $25.20  $1,193.10 $1,346.70
W-3  $20.70  $1,003.50 $1,234.50
W-2  $15.90  $890.40 $1,134.00
W-1  $13.80  $746.70 $981.90
E-9  $18.60  $979.80 $1,292.10
E-8  $15.30  $900.30 $1,191.90
E-7  $12.00  $829.80 $1,106.10
E-6  $9.90  $766.80 $1,021.80
E-5  $8.70  $689.70 $919.50
E-4  $8.10  $600.00 $799.20 
E-3  $7.80  $557.70 $743.10
E-2  $7.20  $531.60 $708.30 
E-1  $6.90  $531.60 $708.30 

* Payment of the partial BAH RC/Transit rate to members of the uniformed services without dependents who, under Title 37 U.S.C. 403(b) or (c) are not entitled to the full rate of BAH RC/Transit, are authorized by Title 37 U.S.C. 1009(c)(2) and Part IV of the Executive Order 11157, as amended.  BAH RC/Transit rates increase by the average increase in housing costs.

For more information contact your Military Branch's finance office.

Find your Basic Allowance for Housing Rates.

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