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SCRA Insurance Protection

Insurance Contract
Insurance Contract

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act protects servicemembers from losing health or life insurance coverage if they are called to active duty military service, deployment or overseas tours of duty.

Health Insurance Protection Under SCRA

If a person is called to active duty they are entitled to reinstatement of any health insurance that was in effect on the day before such service commenced, and was terminated effective on a date during the period of such service.

Life Insurance Protection Under SCRA

A member's private life insurance policy is protected against lapse, termination, and forfeiture for nonpayment of premiums or if any indebtedness for period of military service plus two years. Professional liability insurance of persons called to active duty will be suspended upon written request to the insurance carrier for the period of the individual's active duty. Insured or beneficiary must make application to the Veterans Administration for protection.

In addition activated reserves become eligible for the Servicemember's Group Life Insurance (SGLI). Click here to learn more about SGLI.

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