Civilian Personnel Office

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Tel: (937) 257-3592
2000 Allbrook Drive
Area A
Building #2
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433-0000
Mon-Fri 0730-1630
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
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2120923410:13 PM 10/10/2012

I have applied for several jobs I feel I am more than qualified for. I have a 30% disability rating. Everytrime I apply for a job I get an email that I don't meet minimum qualifications. I don't understand how that can me. Recently I applied for a logistics management job. I did this when I was a Captain at Wright-Patterson. Since then I have held a job that was responsible for national and international logistics. I don't understand why I can't in to at least talk to someone. I just want a fair opportunity to find employment. I know I can do the job, maybe I would need some refresher training. Please help. James Ralston

3639794312:46 PM 9/29/2017

You send me emails that I am not a government employee and I am not VRA. I don't understand this. It is clearly marked I work for the VA. To help you. If you have a service medal and you service in a time of war, and You have a rated VA letter, that gives you VRA. I don't understand when I say I am a government employee you write back and say I am not. You have canceled two announcements due to this. Please help

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