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Tel: (702) 652-2193
Tel: (702) 652-8670
4311 Carswell Ave
Building #340
Nellis AFB, NV 89191-0000
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Nellis Air Force Base
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354451094:44 PM 9/10/16

I lived at 13 Erwin Street as a child. My Dad was a Wild Weasel Major in the Air Force while at Nellis. Is there anything left of the military base as I knew it in the 1960s? Are there tours for us Air Force Brats?

3568555910:07 PM 11/24/16

I don't know if you got your questions answered... My husband retired from Nellis in 2001; I can tell you the entire housing on main base was totally rebuilt before that. Off base housing was renovated while we were there and in the past few years has been bulldozed and rebuilt... I doubt any of the base looks like you remembered. You could contact public relations to see about tours.. but probably the easiest way to go on base would be during the annual Air Show. Hope this helps.

1551270511:47 PM 5/22/17

I understand that as a retired service member, i can vacation in say san diego and stay in base housing. any truth to this?

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