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Tel: (360) 396-4665
1035 Trident Blvd
Main Gate
Silverdale, WA 98315-0000
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Naval Base Kitsap - Bangor
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202621149:59 PM 10/18/12

I give this facility a big, fat ZERO! Every time I try to stop in when I have time away from my job, they have already pulled the sign-up sheet (today was 1415!). I asked if military in uniform have head of the line priviledges and I was given a snooty reply of "We don't do that here!" I'm sorry did I miss something. Is this a military base? I have been to PSD at atleast ten different bases and they all have the same rule for uniforms. You even get head of the line priviledges at the commissary.

lwyates3:58 AM 10/15/13

This joint opens at 0600 Mon-Fri minus holidays. Better be there before 0600 if you hope to get service. Make an appointment? Sorry. Get in-uniform advantage? Sorry. Closes at 1600? Not really. Your chances of getting service if you get there after noon are slim to none. And just because you get there before they close doesn't mean you're going to get service. Why they keep the door open until 1600 is beyond understanding. Whoever's running this service needs to learn what "service" means. Better yet: Put someone in charge who understands the word!

mt2jlc5:06 AM 1/7/14

Actually, they do have head-of-line privileges for personnel in uniform. However, it's only one of the lines. They have a sign hanging, clear as day and in an obvious place, just above eye level. Grab a number, sit down, and wait for the clerk to call for the next military in uniform. If you're a COB/CMC, XO, or CO you also have a special line. However, several of the clerks are quite rude and uncooperative. Dont expect to be served quickly if you're out of uniform or if there's several others there in uniform.

rogerjackway6:30 PM 1/28/14

i work in that area where its at and i have noticed that the rush hour for getting an id card is always early morning, but once it hits the afternoon then its mostly dead there. if you want to get a new id card there its always smart to get it on a tue, wens, thrus. those days are mostly dead in the morning and most of the rest of the time. monday and friday are always packed because people dont know how to manage their time and get one before it expires.

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