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Tel: (619) 524-1011 (Base Information)
Tel: (619) 725-6400
1600 Henderson Ave
San Diego, CA 92140-0000
Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
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Not Provided
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marymarr3:06 PM 1/10/2013

Hello, I am trying to find a department where i can report someone falsely using a Marines identity. I am concerned for this Marine and do not who to notify. Please help.

Concernere7:10 PM 10/23/2014

Is it policy or general pattern to allow certain people certain privileges at the Hobby Shop, Auto Skills Center, ON THE BASIS THAT THEY KNOW a certain individual. How much extra benefit does the 'certain' individual get, being he is this person to promote others getting personal benefit just on the basis of knowing him ??? I thought everyone was to pay certain fees to insure the business to stay profitable to stay running. Seems like FAVORITISM to me... UNFAIR to the rest of us.

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