Family Housing Office

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Tel: (808) 257-2676
Lawrence Road
Building #1571
MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863-0000
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Marine Corps Base Hawaii
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deQuilettes2:36 PM 8/8/2017

I saw to be again in Kaneohe Hawaii. I was in Marine Corps Base Hawaii, formerly Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay. When I was in marine corp. 1981 - 1987 I was in Marine Corp. My teacher was Jon Postel, he was in ARPA, DARPA, UUNET Jon Postel taught me in strong computer wifi scientist In 1980 Jon Postel released internet to public USA world. I was his guard in Kanehoe Bay. Jon Postel Learned me how to put up Secret 140 radio channels I Was IN Cambodia ,Vietnam ,Thailand ,Holland My Name Is Cliff Jack deQuilettes.. I am A veteran I saw to be with in Hawaii again. I AM A VETERAN Thank you, Jon Postel was my teacher when I was in marine corp. In Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. Internet Society (ISOC) All About ISOC: Jon Postel ... Pronk, Verdonck, Klooster & Associates; Cliff deQuilettes, Senior Lan Wan Analyst ... That someone was Jonathan B. Postel, our Internet Assigned Numbers ... My name is Cliff Jack deQuilettes Please email me.. I have been teaching people in all different countries. I am at age 54.. I am in secret channels that are safe and secret. When I got out of Marine Corp in Seattle Washington - EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) HIRED ME - then when i got in public - I was hired by NasdaQ - Now I am at my age 54 - I got homeless. I finally with government got me cleaned up. Now I saw please ground me. I saw to be with my veteran friends back in Hawaii rest of my life. So please help me. Please help me. So please Help me Thank you.

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