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NAS Ream Field California

Posted by DeDeeg at 1:50 AM 1/24/13

I am looking for any one who served at ream field base in 1964-65
Categories: Veterans & Retirees

27340536 1:25 AM 5/4/13

I was at Ream Field from 1962 to 1965. You may contact me.

30253679 11:38 PM 10/1/13

I was at Ream Field 1972 to 1975 HC-5/HSL-31

DeDeeg 10:08 PM 10/8/13

27340536 and 30253679, thank you for your reply. I am looking for any one who may have known Jessie Marvin Young or Andrew MacFarlane, Jessie is my father and Andrew is my step and my mother is Edna ( Eddie ) Harvey -Young I am looking for any information that may help me to find out more about my Bio logical father. Thank you, you may contact me at

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