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Humvee Doors Trap Troops
United Press International  |  May 08, 2007
WASHINGTON - Doors that jam shut during an attack are an unintended consequence of the Pentagon's effort to add armor to Humvees transporting U.S. troops in Iraq.

Due to the jamming problem, records show the Army must fix the doors of some 18,000 armored Humvees that serve as the main troop transport vehicle, USA Today reports.

One quick fix to the problem is to weld hooks to the Humvee doors so another truck can rip them off with a cable and release the troops.

"Every Humvee outside (a fortified base) will have a hook," says Lt. Col. William Wiggins, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon.

The Army plans to spend $284 million this year on Humvee armor kits to protect U.S. troops from makeshift roadside bombs.

Improvised explosive devices are the No. 1 killer of U.S. troops in Iraq, causing 70 percent of injuries and death.

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