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In conjunction with TechTV, Military.com presents an ongoing series of features on the technology and weapons systems used by the military today. Get an inside look at declassified documents, weapons platforms and the latest tech methods that make a difference in war and peacetime.

This early 2003 feature spotlights the new weaponry that the U.S. developed between the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Get a glimpse of the Mother of All Bombs, improved fighters and weapons, and much more.

What's the fastest submarine? The quietest? The deadliest? Our guide gives you the facts, complete with full specifications and descriptions.

Intelligence work is one of the prime components of any military mission -- these are the systems, platforms and methods used in today's intelligence wars.

One axiom has always held true in armed combat: "Friendly fire isn't friendly." Learn about its causes, and the technological and human methods used to prevent it.

The general public now has access to vast stores of material previously deemed Top Secret, Secret, or Confidential at the highest levels of government. Information is power -- find out where to get it.



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