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Top 5 Things To Do

1. Finances and legal matters -- check. Be sure everything is taken care of before the servicemember departs.

2. Use military support services. You're not alone -- there are many official and unofficial sources of aid and assistance.

3. Safety and emergencies. Be sure to plan ahead for worst-case scenarios.

4. Out of sight, not out of mind. In this technologically advanced age, it's easier than ever to keep in touch with your servicemember.

5. All in the family. Separation is tough on all family members -- face the challenges together.

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Being called to duty can be a wrenching experience -- for the spouse and family as well as for the servicemember. Having a loved one mobilized or deployed means shifting roles and changing responsibilities while maintaining a stable family life. Be sure to read these tips, and maintain your family's emotional and financial well-being.

What is Mobilization and Deployment? - Get the straight facts.

The Emotional Phases of Deployment - What you're going through, thousands of others have gone through. Learn about how to make the best of the situation.

Family Safety - Your spouse or loved one may be heading into danger, but don't neglect your own safety at home.

Preparation for Emergencies - Be ready for any trouble at home before it happens.

Communication During Deployment - Just some of the ways you can keep in touch despite the great distances.

Keeping Up with the News - What's the best way to keep track of what your servicemember is doing when he or she is away?

Recreational Activities - Don't underestimate the value of activity during times of stress. Military bases have facilities you can use.

Other Activities - Don't lose your drive to accomplish things while your spouse or loved one is away.

Your Children and Separation - Deployment can be extra hard on your children. Read some tips on how you can all handle the situation.

How to Cope with Sudden Deployments - Feel overwhelmed, emotionally and physically, by your loved one's absence? Take a deep breath and use some of these tips.

The Worst-Case Scenario - We all hope that our loved ones can return safely, but if they do not, know that the U.S. military offers support services and benefits.

Supporting the Troops - Whether it's for the special person in your life or servicemembers everywhere, take advantage of care package and message services.

Checklists and Resources

Checklists and Kits

Legal Checklist - Everything from health coverage to power of attorney.

Emergency Checklist - Emergencies can happen at home as well as abroad. Make sure your family is prepared.

Family Checklist - Keep track of the major duties the family should take care during the servicemember's absence.

Legal Readiness - JAGCnet presents guides, checklists, and other resources on being legally and financially prepared for deployment.

Getting a Passport - With heightened terrorist threats, sometimes it's safer to travel as a U.S. citizen. Find out how you can get a passport quickly.
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