U.S. Military PsyOp Challenge Dora’s Death Scenario


Tragedy greets the American psychological operations team as it goes through the village of Pine Branch, on a distant continent. Someone in a Humvee has killed a little girl, and the villagers are angry. As the Soldiers in full battle rattle approach the family's home, the girl's aunt shouts through tears, "Haven't you done enough damage already?" She shows the Soldiers where the girl was struck, her stuffed animal still in the road. "That is her blood," says the distraught aunt. She takes out a photograph. "This is Dora." So began one of the scenarios on the first day of field training for U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers and Marines in the 80th Training Command (TASS) Psychological Operations Course at Fort Hunter Liggett, California in June 2019. (Video by Cynthia McIntyre, Fort Hunter Liggett Public Affairs Office)

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