Marine Vet Fights Battle to Fly Flags

A combat veteran is in a battle over a patriotic display outside his home. Former Marine Captain Jim Lowe tells FOX 5 the management at his community is trying to force him to take down either his U.S. flag, or his Marine Corps. colors. Lowe, a decorated veteran, says he's been flying the U.S. flag along with the Marine Corps. colors for more than two years. But now, he says his Sun City community's management is asking him to take one of them down. If he doesn't, he says they've threatened to fine he and his wife $25 per day, as well as other possible legal action. The community's codes and covenants clearly state that only one flag can be flown per house. Lowe maintains the Marine Corps colors is not a flag. I don't consider it a flag, he told FOX 5. Most people don't. You talk to any Marine. Those are the colors. That is the flag. Lowe says he has sent a letter to management asking them to retract the violation notice, but he has not received a reply yet. FOX 5 tired to contact the community's management group, but they have not responded yet.

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