Football Stadium Snipers


    As Americans, we enjoy large public venues such as concerts, sports and political events presented at arenas and stadiums all over this country. We go to watch our kids or professionals play sports, musicians perform and even monster trucks roar and jump—accompanied by hundreds or thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of fellow spectators. Who provides the protection if someone in the crowd decides to go berserk, fulfill a violent plan or enact a terrorist plot? Without any fanfare and generally unseen, a lot of venues have law enforcement over-watch already setup to ensure that this does not occur. Precision law enforcement special operation shooters are deployed with the ability to observe and, if necessary, intervene to stop the threat from their final firing positions (FFP). Read more about The "Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue" course sponsored by the Texas Tactical Police Officer Association (TTPOA) at

    Video Shock and Awe