Free Syrian Army Captures Mig Pilot

These men shot down one of Dictator Assad's MIG 23 warplanes yesterday over Mohassan in Deir Ez Zour and here is the pilot who has been captured and he is stating that his mission was to bomb a local village -- filmed 8-13-12. The video basically goes like this -- The speaker introduces the three men standing in the background -- the guy in the middle of the video in the back is Abu Alawi and he shot down the plane -- the guy on the right is Abu Ali AlOmari and he is the leader of the Unit of fighters that shot down the plane and the guy on the left is Abu Abas Alsabawi and he is the one who captured the downed pilot -- the Pilot himself is Mohammad Suleiman . The pilot says that he was on a mission to bomb this specific local village of Mohassan -- the pilot then says that everyone should defect from "Assad's Gangs". They ask the pilot about the scratch on his face and the pilot says he got the cut during the parachute jump when he landed on some rocks and the pilot says he has been given first aid for the cut. The speaker asks him how he is being treated by the Free Syria Army and he says he is being treated well.

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