A Grateful Combat Helo Pilot

"The Life We Have" -- I found a couple iPhone video clips my son took while we were flying a 1939 DH-82a Tiger Moth over Milford NJ. I made a short video of the clips and wanted a song to go with it. I couldn't find a good biplane song to work and listened to songs from the indie band Drumfish's soon-to-be-released cd. "The Life We Have" hit me. What a way to acknowledge how grateful I am for the fife we have after surviving flying scouts with 7/17 Air Cav in Vietnam. I'm making a documentary film on our unit and I have 8mm films from guys in our unit. 8mm movies and iPhone clips aren't the best video quality, but the message is clear. I here and I'm so grateful. Too many guys in out unit never got the chance.


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