The Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm

Solider Cpl Andrew Garthwaite flies to Vienna for an operation to prepare him for a thought-controlled bionic arm As the first British serviceman injured in battle to use a new bionic arm, Cpl Andrew Garthwaite's story has already been remarkable. But this week he underwent six hours of surgery at a hospital in Austria at the start of a process to make it even more so - to prepare him to be fitted with an arm he will be able to control with his brain. The 24-year-old, from South Tyneside, was badly injured in Helmand, Afghanistan, in September 2010 when a Taliban rocket-propelled grenade took off his right arm and killed one of his comrades. One of few people in the world to have pioneering surgery to rewire his nerve system, and meet Robert - who had the same op 6 months ago. He can now operate a bionic arm - using just his mind. By Health Reporter, Sharon Barbour, BBC News


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