Paratroopers' Pilsen Liberation Tribute

Exhibition precision landing of the paratrooper during the celebration of Pilsen liberation of American army in 1945. For forty-six years the people of Pilsen, in the Czech Republic, were unable to express their gratitude to the American Soldiers who liberated their city from the Nazis on May 6, 1945. When the Iron Curtain was lifted in 1989, one of the first anniversaries Pilsen's citizens chose to remember was that day in May, so many years ago. The Pilsen Liberation Festival taking place this weekend remains a source of great pride for this small city in western Czech Republic. "The fact that we are visited by American veterans is a great and unique opportunity for us. They came to a country they hardly knew. It was uncharted waters for them but they did not hesitate to put their lives at stake to bring us freedom," said Pilsen's mayor, Martin Baxa.

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