Are You Wasted? No Sergeant Chief!


A paratrooper in training is brought to his superior on suspicion of drinking on the job. The drunk soldier has trouble standing straight as he gets slapped in the face by a sergeant who stumbles over his words. The rank of the superior is 'Sergent Chef' (sergeant chief), conform French military protocol he has to be adressed with 'Chef'. From a documentary aired by the French tv station France 3 entitled "La meilleure façon de marcher" (the best way to march). In case you're wondering, this is not the foreign legion. Translation is as follows: "Are you wasted or what? Sergeant Chief! Are you wasted? No Sergeant Chief! You want me to mess you up more? No Sergeant Chief. Are you wasted or what? No Sergeant Chief! Are you gonna keep lying to me? No Sergeant Chief! Tell me, are you wasted? Yes Sergeant Chief! Why are you wasted? Because I drank too much Sergeant Chief. Why have you drank too much? It was proposed to me chief. You know what I'll do? I'll put you in the cell buddy. Yes Sergeant Chief. I'll dump you in the cell, ok? I'll make a report and you're off to the cell. One thing I don't support is being wasted. You failed your mission. You clear? Yes Sergeant Chief. Stop calling me Sergeant Chief, It's Chief, plainly! CHIEF! Dump him in the cell, the a**hole!"

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