Shooting the M240B at NAVSCIATTS


Try engaging the enemy with your M240B machine gun from a fast-moving boat.

The Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School's Patrol Craft Officer-Riverine course is an eight-week course of instruction designed to provide personnel with the knowledge and skills to operate a riverine patrol craft in a patrol setting in accordance with approved doctrine. Course topics include human rights, patrol craft familiarization, river and littoral navigation, basic craft communications, patrolling/formation techniques, night vision devices, crew-served weapons, immediate actions (threat response), board and search, insertion and extraction of ground forces and mission planning. 

An individual skills test in conjunction with a final training exercise is conducted at the end of the course to assess the student's proficiency in the course objectives. This course is designed for junior officers and enlisted personnel. In addition to the general prerequisites, students should be familiar with small craft operations and be in good physical condition.

NAVSCIATTS is a Security Cooperation schoolhouse operating under United States Special Operations Command, "where the classroom meets the field," in support of Foreign Security Assistance and Geographic Combatant Commanders' Theater Security Cooperation priorities. 

NAVSCIATTS trains and educates foreign Special Operations Forces, SOF-like forces and SOF enablers across the tactical, operational and strategic spectrums through in-residence and Mobile Training Team Courses of Instruction; and serves as USSOCOM's premier Security Force Assistance training asset. More than 12,000 students from more than 120 Partner Nations have trained with this Naval Special Warfare command since 1963.

Video by Michael Williams