BILL Anti-Tank Guided Missile vs. Tank!


    One EXPLOSIVE live fire demonstration of the Swedish BILL anti-tank guided missile against a Centurion tank loaded with regular fuel and ammunition. The BILL 2 Anti-Tank Guided Weapon is a man-portable or vehicle-mounted guided anti-tank missile using the overfly top attack method to attack the weaker parts of an armoured vehicle. The weapon is currently in service with the Swedish Army. The BILL 2 was designed upon the original BILL 1 Anti-tank guided weapon that has been in the service of the Swedish Army since 1988. The BILL 2 is currently produced by Saab Bofors Dynamics, who are located in Karlskoga, Sweden. The BILL 2 comes with one 10.5 kg missile, a launching tube, tripod with x7 magnification day sight, and one thermal imaging sight.

    Video Shock and Awe