Walking Heavy: Vietnam War Tribute


WARNING GRAPHIC: "A poem and video for my dad-my hero, and to all who have and will put themselves between their country and danger. Your bravery and sacrifice deserves more thanks than you often get. Vietnam Veteran-Jerry Roberts HHC 1/509 Abn Recon, 5th SF, C.co 75th Rangers, B.co 75th Rangers, Mountain Ranger Camp, B.co 2/75 RGR Bn. "Walking Heavy" - being weighted down by the things you hold inside yourself. As to where that phrase comes from, here is the origin-It is a morphed term from all these things. "Heavy Drop" is a system of delivery of supplies in a military setting with a parachute. It was also the nick name of a close friend of my father's from the war who passed away about a year ago-who is very missed and loved. The term "Heavy" is also used in the military for machines that carry large loads on their own. The large majority of the military operations done by recon soldiers is all on foot for days at a time."