Russian Police Blow Up Terrorists

Russian law enforcers carried out a special operation in Dagestan on Sunday morning, blocking two militant suspects in a private house in Chontaul village, Kizilyourt. The two suspects were reportedly asked to give up their arms however, they refused and opened fired. A shootout ensued and both men were killed. The first man, identified as Shakhrudin Askhabov born 1991, was reportedly a member of Kizilyourt militant group since 2012. Askhabov is believed to be the bomb manufacturer and planter. The second suspect, according to Russia's National Anti-terror Committee, is Askhabov's brother. An assault rifle, bullets and military gear were found at the site. There are no reports of casualties among civilians or law enforcement. The incident follows two similar anti-terror operations in Dagestan. April 24, a shootout between Russian security forces and two suspected members of the Kadar armed gang in the Dagestani village of Sogratl after the suspects refused to surrender, opened fire and were both killed. April 26, law enforcers chased a black car that participants of the Shamkhal militant group were thought to be driving. The suspects opened fire and tried to escape before their car caught a light during the shootout. All three people were killed.