Large Scale ISIS Attack on Syrian Air Base

WARNING GRAPHIC: New video emerges from the bloody ISIS takeover of a Syrian air base located some 45 kilometers outside Raqqa in August 2014. The beginning of the video shows how the group uses violence, and images of violence to terrorize its opponents. Starting around the 1:30 mark, terrorists can be seen planning the attack on the base (using intelligence gathered from drone surveillance, seen around the 1:50 mark). It appears they used a large truck bomb to initiate the attack - detonated around the 6:36 mark. They then followed up with heavy fire on the base and continued their attack. The battle appears to go into the next day, showing ISIS closing in on the base. The SAF attempts to drive them back with air strikes but do not prevail as soldiers on the ground flee or are shot dead. After successfully taking over the base, the militants marched 250 Sryian soldiers into the desert and executed them (not shown in this video). More info can be found at