Italian Counter Terrorism Unit (NOCS)


Type: Special Forces -- Country: Italy -- Branch: State Police -- Engagements: Anti-crime operations against terrorist groups, including Red Brigades ----- NOCS has trained with many international units including the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, Israeli Yamam, German GSG 9 and SEK, Spanish GEO, French RAID, Japanese SAT, Swiss ARD10, Saudi Arabian National Guard CT Team, Belgian ESI, US 10th Special Forces Group, Danish Jægerkorpset and Dutch KCT and has graduated operatives through the NATO's International LRRP School in Weingarten, Germany. SOD/NOCS continues to be a leading unit in Europe and the new senior officers have establish liaisons with similar units of former East Bloc countries and the Austrian EKO Cobra. In 2003, NOCS' team obtained the second place in the final classification of an international competition of police élite corps.


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