Iraqi Suicide Car Bomb Caught on Tape


A suicide car bomb blast was captured by security cameras in Karrada on May 15, 2014. The shockwave is so strong it nearly knocks the camera off its mount. Explosion occurs around the 40 second mark. From -- Baghdad ( Baghdad Operations Command announced that the two bombings in Karrada area resulted in killing 6 persons and injuring 40 others. A statement by BOC received by quoted the spokesman, Brigadier Saad Maan as saying “A suicide bomber, driving a car bomb, blew himself up in the first checkpoint of the Court of Karrada while searching his car, followed by a suicide bomber at the restaurant next door to the court building, after being chased by security forces.” He added “Six people were killed and 40 others were injured in an initial count.”…

Video Shock and Awe

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