Black Hawk Down Site Revisited

The following script is from Super 6-1 which aired on Oct. 6, 2013. The correspondent is Lara Logan. Max McClellan, producer. It was a defining moment in the history of U.S. Special Operations and it was the first time American forces faced al Qaeda in battle. You may remember it as Black Hawk down, a phrase immortalized on the battlefield in Somalia 20 years ago this past week. Super 6-1 was the call sign of the first Black Hawk helicopter to be shot out of the sky that day, setting in motion a series of events that remain seared into America's memory: the sight of U.S. soldiers being dragged through the streets, the capture of a badly wounded American pilot named Mike Durant. When the fighting ended, America pulled out of Somalia with the dead and wounded, but left behind the wreckage of Super 6-1. Tonight, you are going to see and hear things about that day you never have before and meet an American couple determined to bring home a lost piece of American history. To get to the crash site of Super 6-1, you have to travel into the Bakara market, the worst part of Mogadishu.


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