Anti-Terrorism Barrier Crash Test

HySecurity crash tested it's StrongArm M50 barrier arm September 7th 2012 achieving a P2 (1.3 meter) penetration rating. This barrier arm runs continuous duty cycles (100 cycles per hour), has two arms protecting against a passenger car and heavy truck penetration, and comes standard with multiple user safety devices to protect against accidental crashes with authorized users of the access control point. StrongArm M50 is an elegant looking and operating machine. It's VFD drive system assures a graceful, easy on hardware cycle. Because it is motor driven in both directions, it stands open at a full 90 degrees, preventing a tall truck from clipping the extended arm. Extremely reliable hydraulics (in tens of thousands of HySecurity gate operators) and benefit-rich controls are both housed in the hinge post, making installation fast, easy and inexpensive. Call HySecurity at 800-321-9947 or visit us at for more information.