Torpedo Bombers at Midway Tribute

This is a small tribute to the three ill-fated US Navy torpedo squadrons at the Battle of Midway, June 4th of 1942. VT-8, VT-6 & VT -3. In all they totaled 41 obsolete TDB Devastator torpedo planes (of which only 6 survived) and six new Grumman Avenger torpedo planes (sent from Midway island but part of VT-8). The first two squadrons were seperated from their fighter escort yet pressed on the attacks regardless. The aircrew footage shown here is of the men of VT-8. Of the healthy, happy and brave young men seen, all but one would be dead shortly after this footage was taken. VT-8 was the first to attack and lost all 15 planes. The only man to survive was rescued from the ocean the next day. The take off footage is the actual VT -8 mission departure. None of the planes would return. The other TBDs fared little better. VT-6 lost 10 of 14 planes and VT-3 lost 10 of 12. All squadron leaders were killed. Of the 6 new Avengers all but one were lost and only 2 of 18 men survived.

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