'The Airborne Patrols' Trailer 2012

"The Airborne Patrols" follows the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne Division from their departure for Iraq in June 2007 to their return home in July 2008. The producers were granted unprecedented access to the Paratroopers through cameras provided directly to the troops on the ground. As a part of the Surge effort these troopers filmed the war from their own unique perspective, offering a glimpse into one of the worlds deadliest jobs. Capturing over 150 hours of footage these 16 soldier-camera operators and more than 200 soldiers participated in the making of this film. The characters are revealed through a combination of their own camera work, conversations with friends, commentary while on the job and post-production interviews. Ride along as we move across the battlefield through 20 Iraqi cities and 8 American Military Bases.