Soldier Dog Sgt. Rex Retires


Sergeant Rex, the bomb-sniffing dog who served three combat tours in Iraq, has finally been reunited with his former handler. Sgt. Rex served almost 11 years as a military working dog and is trained to sniff out nine different explosive materials. Today, Sgt. Rex retired, and was returned to his old handler, marine corporal Megan Leavey. Leavey and Sgt. Rex were injured in Iraq during a bomb blast in 2006. The injury brought an end to Leavey’s career, and she returned to New York, where she tried unsuccessfully to adopt Sgt. Rex. The military denied Leavey’s request because they thought Sgt. Rex would be able to continue his bomb-sniffing duties once he recovered from his injuries. Leavey began a new adoption effort earlier this year when she learned that Sgt. Rex was about to be retired. She launched a high-profile campaign to adopt him. Read more at…

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