Syria Firefight with Enemy Visible

Islamic Front Heavy Firefight With Intense Close Combat Action and Visible Enemy -- Timeline of Actions: 00:00-4:17 Fighters trying to storm an Army held bulding with infantry units under tank support. They are shooting trought the windows inside the bulding and throwing greanades inside it. The army repells the attack with inaccurate shelling wich results in two heavy dangerous close calls for the rebells. 4:17-5:20 The Rebells attacking the building from the back with small arms fire. 5:20-6:45 The Combatatns engaging Syrian Army Froces who are clearly visible durring their position changing. An government owned armored vehicle gets taken out by an single RPG Shot. 6:45-9:06 Close Urban Streetfighting between Rebells and Army. 9:06-10:43 Rebells targeting government positions from iside a building with machine guns small arms and sniper rifles. 10:43-12:10 Rebells take cover behind a friendly Bmp and attack recoiless attack on Army held house. Map of Location:

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