Russian Mercenaries Fight in Syria

Mercenaries from Russia are involved in the Syrian war. It has not been specified, whose side they are on. Basically, the Russians fighting in Syria could take both the side of Bashar Assad and his opponents. In April of this year, it was said that a group of enthusiasts from the number of former Russian military men was intended to help restore law and order in Syria for a payment. In addition, many Chechen nationals were seen in the armed forces of the Syrian opposition. According to the Government of the Arab Republic, mercenaries from 29 countries fight for the Syrian rebels. FSB officials say that there are about 400 Russian soldiers there. According to Deputy Director of the Federal Security Bureau, Sergei Smirnov, they will pose a threat to Russia when they return home. It remains unknown how Russia is going to deal with the soldiers of fortune, who got to know the smell of blood and smoke.