Security Cams Film Shelling of Donetsk

09/15/2014 - Security cameras capture the violent shelling of Donetsk, Ukraine. The cease-fire in eastern Ukraine is was tested on Sunday, with intense fighting reported near the airport in Donetsk Saturday and Sunday. An NPR team in that city was forced to flee the shelling. "We were in town, where a large store had been shelled. It was on fire. The whole street was smoky," Eleanor tells our Newscast unit. "And then all of a sudden, mortar rounds started booming around us. It was horrible. Everyone just scrambled." "We just high-tailed it out of there," she says. "They were so close — we were told they were 200 yards away. So the shelling is now back in the city of Donetsk." Ukraine's government forces say they've repelled attacks by pro-Russian separatists at the Donetsk airport, in violence that threatens the week-old peace. Read more:

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