New Serbian Anti-Tank Weapon

Bumbar (English: Bumble Bee) is an anti-armor (tank) weapon from Serbia. The Bumbar is a wire guided, man-portable, short-ranged missile system for use against ground targets. The missile has a soft launch capability - the main motor firing after the missile has left the launcher, which allows for the missile to be fired from confined spaces, which is a necessity in urban warfare. During the flight rocket is maneuvered by unique system of thrust vectoring. The missile is propelled by two main rocket motor exhaust vanes located at mid body. As the missile rotates the launch units send signals commanding the correction by one of the two vanes to move against the missile motors thrust. For example if the missile has to move to the left, the right thrust vector vane will actuate at the correct time. It is protected against electronic countermeasures through: "Use of CCD matrix sensors, fast image processing computer and robust missile tracer recognition algorithm."