RAF Drops Bunker Buster on Daesh


A Tornado mission on Thursday 21 April saw the first use of the RAF’s Enhanced Paveway III (EPWIII) against Daesh – a guided bomb with a 2000lb deep penetration warhead. Our aircraft normally carry the smaller Paveway IV guided bombs and Brimstone missiles, which can be carried in larger numbers and are more useful for close air support missions. The EPW III has been held in reserve for use if needed against particularly challenging underground or hardened targets. The Tornados flew as part of a coalition air strike on a large complex of tunnels and bunkers dug into terraced hillsides above the Euphrates in western Iraq, successfully scoring direct hits with a pair of EPW IIIs on two entrances to the bunker network. Read more: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/update-air-strikes-against-daesh

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