RAF Drone Strikes Taliban Militants

Three solid strikes against Taliban militants are included: 1) First strike occurs at the 36 second mark on Taliban militants on foot 2) Second strike occurs at the 1:30 mark on Taliban militants fleeing in a vehicle 3) A third strike can be seen around the 2:15 mark followed by a firefight. More: RAF Pilot Unleashes Hell on Taliban From The Comfort in Lincolnshire First Glimpse Inside Drone HQ -- Sitting before a bank of flickering computer screens and controls, the RAF pilot flies a drone in the skies above Afghanistan. But the airman is not operating the £10million Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from the warzone -- or even the US. Instead, he is 8,000 miles away in a hi-tech control hub in a remote part of East Anglia -- poised to order the controversial robot to carry out air strikes using its fearsome array of Hellfire missiles and laser-guided bombs.

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